Canberra?! MARCH 14!

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March 11, 2014 by benjaminsnaath

Reorrrrrr Reorrrrrrrrrrrr Reorrrrrrrrrr Rinorrrrrr Rinorrrrrrrr

I’m coming to Canberra!

I’m playing somewhere called ‘The Money Bin (Petrie Plaza)’ which is next door to Cube and Smoque, opposite the Labor Club and near the Merry-go-round. Errr.. driver?

It’s a part of a festival called “Free Music for Rich Kids” which I will transform into “Rich Music for Free Kids” like a full furious badass would. Probably. Here is a link to the uh, facebook event.

Hopefully this show will help Jordan of Cinnamon Records sell some of his half of our run of my cassette “POPULAR” as my half is pretty much all gone. That was an ad buy it here

See you either this Friday in Canberra, next Saturday the 22nd in Franklin (near Hobart), the 27th upstairs at The Tote or the 30th at Irene’s Warehouse in Brunswick (MORE INFO).

Seeya mate!

Orlando furious.


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