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January 23, 2014 by benjaminsnaath

I’m really getting sold on this idea of hand making my merch. Even though sometimes shirts for instance might come out a little rougher than some of the more professional (and incredibly talented) pro merch designers’ work and I’m still mastering things like colourfasting and stencil design, I always come away satisfied from exercising the craft/hands on side to my brain/psyche.

These are some of the most recent ones, 



Getting better at printing and actually made sure they were colourfast this time. Lou made the stencil tracing the letters and cutting them out of plastic card with a stanley knife. The side on profile of me was made by a man on a Sydney street for $2 he cuts out silhouettes all day, super efficient. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS, man. I think it’s cool how these shirts are always gonna be a little bit different from each other. At shows I’m selling em for about 10 bucks you know, which is enough for some shitty takeaway dinner on the way home. The craft behind it will get more interesting as me and my conspirateurs get some bigger ideas for them and our skillz develop.

If you want me to make you one why not email benjamin.snaath@gmail.com or catch them at a show sometime.

In Feb I took a bunch of “Xperimentl Fashunz” over to New Zealand to help me eat while I did a run of shows under the name Beiamin. Lou and I had been organically dying white cotton shirts and singlets using onion peels, eggs, eucalyptus and a bunch of other natural Australian leaves and fallen plant matter. Then when the shirts were dry we stencilled “BEIAMIN” on them. Sometimes we had dyed bits of mesh or silk to sew onto the singlet or shirt, giving that cape/veil feel. Beautiful.


Here is a photo of the world famous model, BERETTA posing in one of the Xperimental Fashunz in a stream in Dunedin. This one seems a little more pale and less vomit-y texture than some of the others particularly the ones we ramped up the egg for in the dye.


Looking good buddy. Miss you.

Probably the best one was the one my friend Aki bought, she wore it in November when she came out here and looked like a total babe in it, I felt like such a pro fashun designer. Need to catch a photo of that somehow, wotevr, someone’s rustling up my side garden again..


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