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January 15, 2014 by benjaminsnaath

OFURIOUSPOPULARThis is the cover art for the first “official” (wotevr that means) Orlando furious release. Coming out on Cinnamon Records on my birthday (Jan 25th). Art direction/design by Auckland’s finest, Alexander Brown.

It started out as a physical release for a song that had been going well on tour called “Nu Body” but then when I was figuring out the specs for the cassette, wellsir it just became a bit bigger than that I guess.

A few days ago I realised that all five songs were produced/written/performed in completely different ways, this ma blog, so I will elaborate on that sentence here:

Nu Body was written on Logic with my xstation keyboard. It had been sitting in a folder for about 18months and I would only revisit and get frustrated with the recording sparingly. Constantly rerecording vocals, tweaking bass tones and having love/hate battles with those lyrics. Finally towards the end I got Kahli in to help polish the mix and then sent it off to Morgan to master. Pretty standard writing and recording for the pop song I wanted it to be I’d say.


Hiccups with Ezekiel Kigbo is the product of a 50 minute jam, me singing and programming drums and Kigbo shredding on the guitar. When E sent me the massive file, I listened to the whole thing, thought it sounded too weak, decided it should go for 6min59sec and cut the file up into chunks of that size. I placed them all on top of each other in an arrange window, roughly synced the snare hits and made some minor volume automations. And voila! Sweet vocal overlaps, big and airy, yet strong nightime drive sound. Nice baby!


Recycle saw me working with vocal samples of the leader from Heaven’s Gate discussing his beliefs in a 40 minute video on Youtube. Pretty intense listening/watching at times. I used two iPad apps, one for Steve Reich-y-esque business called Borderlands and one for horns/symphony sounds called WI Orchestra.


Children was a thrown together chord progression on an acoustic guitar played loosely into the mic on my “studyin’ laptop” and then some lyrics from the bottom of a box I’m pretty certain that I left with Satan for a little while and just forgot about. I played the garageband project into my Logic studio via the sampler that I use for effects when I play live. Gives it that excess gristle. If I had my time again I’d have mastered this better because on the tape it needs to get turned up a little. It’s fine. Relax.


Finally, Underground was a recycled stack of vocal tracks that I found without context in the file that I found the recordings of Recycle and Children. I have been enjoying the occasional bluddy synth freakout recently and so that was one example of a spasm. So much fun. Except I’m not so keen on those misogynistic sounding lyrics “YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING ALL DAY FOR ME/COME HERE AND TOUCH MY LIFE” maybe there’s a little ambiguity? Err, listen to the song yourself when its uploaded on the Cinnamon Records bandcamp I’m trying to convince myself that its more a lament to the music industry..


Shut up.




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