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What flesh?

How’s it going?
My name is Ben. For the moment I am recording music and touring under the name Orlando furious but have been most prolific in the group CAUGHT SHIP.

I have found enjoyment working in film and theatre, sometimes as actor, sometimes director, sometimes doing sound composition and sometimes building props. Heaps cool! So trippy!

Since finding a spiritual home in Footscray, Victoria (Straya) I have grown attached to the TROCADERO ART SPACE where I’ve started exhibiting work of my own. It’s sweet! One timeĀ  I decided my pseudonym, “RAZORSEX” needed to send a positive message to the beautiful Footscray community so I hired billboard space at a busy intersection and printed a massive photo of myself telling all these people in all these different languages that I would always be their friend! The only thing they had to do was call me Razorsex! I know right? Nutso! Cool but, I reckon.

Anyway I am using this page to keep documentation of all the things I get up to and as a place to promote and respond to upcoming events that I or some of my close friends are running, so keep an eye on the NEWS, please.

Cool man, well yeah, textual front page hey? Psycho! Oh well, reading can be fun sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by,



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